Detoxifying Mud Mask

How to Use It

After cleansing the skin, apply in a thin layer (avoiding the eye area) and allow to dry, about 10-15 minutes. Once dry, add a small amount of water and remove in circular motions.

Who’s It For?

Skin that experiences acne breakouts, occasional blemishes, or congestion/oil. UNCOVER works as an active detoxifying mask to keep breakouts under control. Use weekly to maximize benefits.

Tips & Tricks

Use as an overnight spot treatment to treat stubborn blemishes.

Use as a treatment on the body for breakouts.

Multi-mask with SHOW YOUR GLOW for oil control in the T-Zone, with glow assistance in other areas of the face that experience dullness.


Dead Sea Black Mud


Bee Propolis


Products to use with it

Pair it with Don't Miss a Spot Propolis Cleansing Foam by thoroughly cleansing the skin and depositing antimicrobial propolis on blemishes/breakouts. Skin will need to be as clean as possible to begin this routine.

Pair it with Be Clear Skin Purifying Bee Propolis drops for a wonderful way to ensure skin stays hygienic and protected after UNCOVER treatment is used.

Pair it with 911 Pro Gel Instant Relief With Propolis for a little extra help with stubborn breakouts.

Pair it with Show Your Glow Colloidal Gold and Honey Beauty Mask while you detox blemished areas with UNCOVER. Cheeks tend to be on the dull side, so use UNCOVER in the T-Zone, and SHOW YOUR GLOW in areas needing brightening!

Pair it with Trick & Treat Concealer Active Propolis Cream Concealer for great coverage and protection along with the healing and hydrating properties of honey. Go about your day with confidence, feeling and looking your best!



I have dry skin, can I use this?

Yes! All skin types can benefit from this mask, and since it has jojoba oil and vitamin E in it, it’s a great addition to a dry skin regimen.

I have very sensitive skin, can I use this?

Yes! UNCOVER mask has lavender oil and aloe leaf juice in it, which has proven to be very soothing for sensitive skin.