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Real life can be complicated, your skincare shouldn't be.

Crafted for the spirited individual who artfully balances life's demands, our skincare celebrates the strength and elegance of maturity.

Infused with the nurturing touch of honey and the potent benefits of propolis, Hey Honey offers fast-acting, lasting solutions for the real-life, multitasking individual. Our products go beyond skincare; they're a homage to your everyday journey, with a promise to specifically cater to sensitive skin conditions.

Real Life. Real Skincare

“Not all of us have the time to follow an elaborate 10-step skincare routine every single day - at least, I definitely don’t! As a business owner, mom, and wife, I have to wear many hats and juggle unending responsibilities.

For me, my skincare routine needs to be realistic and practical, fitting snugly into my schedule without feeling like an additional task. Just like me, my products need to be multitaskers, giving me the results I’m looking for without the drama and hassle.”

- Katerina Yoffe-Larden (Founder: Hey Honey)

Hey Honey Practical Skincare for Everyday Life is formulated for the everyday individual - for you! Our products are intelligently designed to fit perfectly into your life, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Our Promise

At the heart of Hey Honey’s promise lies our commitment to formulating realistic and practical skincare products using time-tested ingredients that deliver visible, long-term results. We believe in skincare that truly delivers on every claim, and we can only achieve that with a combination of proven ingredients and science-backed methods. At Hey Honey, we stay far away from gimmicks and fast trends, focusing instead on what truly matters - delivering results.

It’s All In The Ingredients

Our hero ingredients, honey and bee propolis, have stood the tests of time and emerged as anecdotally and scientifically verified ingredients that heal a variety of skin conditions and strengthen the skin’s barrier. At Hey Honey, we have tapped into the powers of this potent duo and combined them with other superstar ingredients to create innovative products that directly target your unique skin concerns. 

For the everyday individual, our lives revolve around our priorities: family, work, school, and a hundred tasks in between. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of our hectic, stressful lives takes a toll on our health, diet, sleep quality, and eventually our skin. Just as no two days are ever the same, our skin is also constantly evolving and changing to catch up with our daily lives.

Not all of us have the time and luxury to spend hours every single day following intricate skincare routines and keeping a tab on the latest beauty trends. At Hey Honey, we understand that what your skin truly deserves is a practical solution that adapts to its dynamic requirements without compromising on your time.