Look Into My Eyes

Retinol and Propolis Eye Mask

How to Use It

After cleansing skin, massage a small amount into the orbital bone and let sit for a few minutes. Continue then to massage the rest of the product in and leave on over night.

Who’s It For?

Anyone in need of brightening and tightening around the eye. All skin types will benefit from this Vitamin C, retinol, and Propolis infused formula.

Tips & Tricks

Pair LOOK INTO MY EYES with a cooling eye mask for a refreshing spa experience.

Use LOOK INTO MY EYES below the eye, and OPEN YOUR EYES on the eye contour for a 360 degree eye treatment nightly.


Bee Propolis

Vitamin E



Products to use with it

Pair it with Open Your Eyes Lifting Eye Serum on eye contour, while using LOOK INTO MY EYES below the eye for a complete 360 degree nightly treatment.

Pair it with Trick & Treat Concealer Active propolis Cream Concealer as an under eye brightener the morning after treatment to enhance the brightening that LOOK INTO MY EYES will encourage.


Pair it with Come Undone Face & Eye Daily Makeup Remover before LOOK INTO MY EYES to fully remove every trace of eye makeup, ensuring the eye area is clean and debris-free.



Do I need to use another under eye cream while using this?

No! The formula contains deeply hydrating properties such as coconut oil and vitamin E.