911 Pro Gel

Instant Relief with Propolis

How to Use It

Apply anywhere redness, irritation, or breakout is occurring. Spread a thin layer over the affected area and allow it to dry before applying makeup or clothing on top of the treated site.

Who’s It For?

Complex, acne prone skin. Skin that is easily irritated or experiences redness and hotness. Skin that has experienced minor bug bites or burns.

Tips & Tricks

Mix a little bit of 911 PRO GEL in with moisturizer to alleviate redness all over the face.

Use as a spot treatment for stubborn breakouts.

Mix into body lotion for areas that get itchy or dry, causing redness and irritation on the body.



Witch Hazel

Bee Propolis

Green Tea

Products to use with it

Pair it with Don't Miss a Spot Propolis Cleansing Foam to cleanse and heal acne breakouts and prevent future irritations.

Pair it with Relax Propolis & Honey Soothing Moisturizer on skin that is easily irritated and sensitive. Help to mask the redness of rosacea with the combination of RELAX’s soothing water-gel and 911’s infusion of Propolis on the affected areas.


Pair it with Love Your Body Shea Butter & Honey Body Lotion Mix 911 with LOVE YOUR BODY for an all over the body redness treatment. This combination will help to alleviate irritation from bites, stings, sunburns, or poison ivy breakouts.



The gel is very dark and sticky? Is that normal?

Yes! 911 PRO GEL is highly concentrated in Propolis, so it will be a very dark amber color and thick in consistency.


Can I use this gel on a child?

This product can be used on anyone, any age! One of our customer’s favorite ways of using 911 Pro Gel is for bug bites and every day “ouchies” that can get our little Honey fans.