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Detoxifying Mud Mask


UNCOVER - Detoxifying Mud Mask - Hey Honey Skin Care
UNCOVER - Detoxifying Mud Mask
UNCOVER - Detoxifying Mud Mask - Hey Honey Skin Care
UNCOVER - Detoxifying Mud Mask - Hey Honey Skin Care
UNCOVER - Detoxifying Mud Mask - Hey Honey Skin Care
UNCOVER - Detoxifying Mud Mask - Hey Honey Skin Care

Detoxifying Mud Mask



Clarify, detoxify, and minimize pores with this Dead Sea Black Mud Mask. Rich with Dead Sea Black Mud and Bee Propolis this detoxifying mask refines pores and draws out impurities. Formulated with over 99% natural ingredients, Uncover is great for Complex and Unbalanced skin types.

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Clean Ingredients

Cruelty Free

S.L.S. Free

Paraben Free

Phthalate Free

30 Days Returns


Why it works


  • Dead Sea Black Mud has an antibacterial and therapeutic effect found in the essence of its form that works to remove impurities and fight off stubborn acne. It can be used as a spot treatment overnight or all over for body acne.

  • It’s made with an amazing cocktail of Dead Sea Black Mud, Propolis, Sage, and Honeysuckle. Propolis is a staple ingredient found in all of our products and in this mask it is in a higher concentration. Propolis is known to fight infections, heal wounds, it is anti-fungal and antimicrobial therefore resulting in the clearing up of acne and blemishes from previous acne too.

  • Sage is a plant extract ingredient that helps reduce puffiness and redness from aging and acne. It is made up of antioxidants like Ferulic Acid and Vitamin A. It is a natural astringent and sweat regulator and functions as an anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory agent.

  • Acne-causing bacteria? Bye. This mask clears away ALL the junk. Leaving your skin clean, gorgeous and glowy AF.





How to apply

Suggested Usage

Apply an even and thin layer to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Allow the mask to dry for 10-15 minutes. Gently rinse to remove. Can also be used as a spot treatment.

Beauty Tips

• Multi-masking? Use Uncover on your T-Zone while using our Show Your Glow on other areas. 

• Apply Look Into My Eyes before applying Uncover so a moisture barrier is created under the eyes to prevent drying out the delicate eye area.

• Use as an overnight spot treatment for stubborn acne.

• To fight off body acne, use Uncover as a body mask to clear away blemishes.


Apply the mask evenly onto your skin.
Set your timer for 15 minutes, close your eyes
and pretend you’re at a swanky spa. Wash away any
excess and follow with your fave moisturizer.

P.S. Pics or it didn’t happen!
Make sure to snap some #maskselfies
and tag us @heyhoney!

Key Ingredients

Dead Sea Black Mud




Formulated without: 

Mineral oil, sulfate detergents, parabens or phthalates.

Always Cruelty-Free.

Full Ingredient List