Honey + Vanilla Cupcakes

In honor of November 10th being National Vanilla Cupcake day, we decided to search for a honey-vanilla cupcake recipe to try. This incredible (and easy!) recipe from Stress Baking did not disappoint. While the honey and vanilla flavors were subtle, they certainly were not overwhelming, and the two ingredients created wonderfully succulent cupcakes. Note: The recipe [...]

Working Mothers Who Make It All Work (Reading Recommendation)


Easy Filled Honey Cookies

If you’ve got an hour to spare along with a craving for something sweet, we’ve found the perfect recipe! These scrumptious cookies are super easy to make with 6 simple steps. It’s what’s in the middle that counts.Total Time: 55 minutes. Prep Time: 30 minutes. Serves: 36.Ingredients:¾ c. Shortening½ c. sugar⅓ c. honey½ tsp. vanilla extract2 large eggs3½ c. all-purpose flour2 tsp. baking [...]

    I Peel Good! What about you?

    You're busy taking the kids to school, practices, and play dates. You may be working full time and your boss is always expecting your best. Whatever it is, you can never find to time to get to the spa for a facial, but your skin is begging you to take proper care of it. Instead [...]

    Hey Honey it's time to TAKE IT OFF!

    Watch the beautiful Michelle Phan endorsing our active "Take It Off" Exfoliating Peel Off Mask.

    Come Clean For a Chance to WIN!

    Enter for a chance to win our “Come Clean” Propolis Facial Scrub! We will be giving away 3, that’s right THREE, Come Clean scrubs every week until January 30th, starting January 1st!  All you have to do is:Follow Hey Honey on Instagram @heyhoneyskincareTake a Selfie and “Come Clean” about something!!! Hashtag #heyhoney #comeclean and you [...]