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Real life can be complicated and hectic. Skincare shouldn’t be.

This was my “a-ha” moment – the moment Hey Honey was born. I was a busy working mom and wife, and my career in the fast-paced digital advertising industry made it difficult for me to stick with a skincare regimen. I didn’t have the time or patience for complicated products that required multiple steps and kept me waiting for results. There had to be a better way – it was time for a change!

I decided to create skincare products that would fit MY lifestyle, NOT the other way around. It was then that I knew Hey Honey products would always deliver lasting results with minimal steps – and they would be effective enough to forgive skincare mistakes – like mine! If I forgot to apply them in order or to apply them at all one day, my skin would not suffer.

As busy people, we struggle to find balance in our lives, juggling long “to-do” lists and keeping a relentless pace. Dealing with stress, lack of sleep and exposure to harmful environmental factors means that our skin ends up paying the price. As a result, our skin is constantly changing, and we need versatile solutions to treat the conditions that dull and prematurely age our skin.

To make skincare easier and more effective, I created a straightforward skincare line with my husband and business partner, Nisso Larden, and the best dermatologists in the industry.



At the heart of Hey Honey’s promise

Are its potent and trusted ingredients: honey and propolis – nature’s most effective antiseptic and antibacterial duo. Honey is widely accepted in the natural skincare world for its nutritive and healing properties, while propolis is recognized for its antiseptic and restorative capabilities. We didn’t invent this powerful combination, but rather created skin-loving products from centuries-old wisdom.

Propolis is nature’s antibiotic and best-kept secret from the beehive. It balances problematic skin, decongests pores and accelerates the rate of cell growth to keep your skin toned, all while soothing and healing the skin. When it is used in facial skincare, the results are simply stunning. Hey Honey’s fast-acting skincare and body products combine all-day hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients to get results and help skin look younger, better, longer.

Ultimately, my goal is to make Hey Honey a part of your real life, just as it is mine.  


Katerina Yoffe-Larden