Common Causes of Adult Acne

Hey Honey, wondering why you are past your teenage years, yet still struggling from adult acne? You are not alone! Many adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond still deal with breakouts. While the culprit may not always be easy to narrow down, knowing the common causes might help you find the solution you [...]

    The Rise of Propolis

    So we’ve talked about honey, but there is another important ingredient that everyone needs to know about – Propolis. Propolis is a sticky, resinous substance made by bees that is used all over the world, specifically European and Asian countries, and is found in small quantities of honey. Like honey, this somewhat lesser known product is used for a [...]

      How To Calm Winter Redness

      Hey honey, we know winter weather can lead to inflamed and splotchy red skin, so we've put together this quick list of tips to combat redness during this especially harsh winter season. To keep your skin happy and calm this winter (with perfectly healthy and rosy cheeks), follow these best practices.1. Use Gentler ProductsAbrasive facial [...]

        DIY Honey Face Masks for Winter Skin

        Hey honey, has the harsh winter weather been taking a toll on your skin? These all natural DIY face mask recipes contain our favorite ingredient, raw honey, and are the perfect way to heal your dry winter skin.We love using honey during every season, but it's perfect for winter because it draws in moisture from [...]

          Simple Skincare Resolutions

          The new year is the perfect time to create new goals and routines or update your existing one. The drying winter months can be hard on your skin, so we decided to create this list of skincare resolutions and easy changes to make to your routine that will carry you throughout the year.1. Use products [...]

            Oh, Honey! A Brief History on Honey Purposes

            Honey, honey, honey. If you think you don’t like honey, then you must be mistaken. It is not just a sticky food item like most people believe….it actually has purposes for anything from food to furniture varnish, and from beauty products to fermentables (honey mead). Honey has been around further than we are able to [...]