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International Women's Day 2021

International Women's Day 2021 - Hey Honey Beauty

Happy International Women’s Day!

To say it’s been a challenging year is an understatement but as complicated and hectic the world is there’s the opportunity to inspire and motivate. This year I want to highlight some women who have inspired me in more than one way. I found these ladies particularly motivating because they are women just like you and me, who made something extra out of their everyday lives. Follow @HeyHoney on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to hear their stories.

International Women’s Day is easily one of my favorite days. A day that is dedicated to celebrating women for EVERYTHING we are. This year has not been easy, and even more for all the moms out there. With remote learning, no after-school activities, limited social interactions, we have to come up with creative ways to raise the next generation. Let’s take a minute and remember that we need to take care of ourselves, so we can continue taking care of others. Be good to yourself, find time for yourself and take this opportunity to think about yourself.

Always remember to believe in yourself, make smart choices, be strong, create your own success, and know that you can! Be the change that you would like to see. 💜⁠⁠

Tell me how you feel this International Women’s Day on Instagram, be sure to tag me, @KaterinaYoffeLarden and @HeyHoney.


Stay Real,

Katerina Yoffe-Larden

Founder & President

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