International Women's Day 2020

International Women's Day 2020 - Hey Honey Beauty

Hey Honey, it’s officially International Women’s Day!⁠

This day every year, I am reminded of all the strides women around the world have made for equality. When this day was first created in 1911, it was to campaign for the right to work, to vote, to hold office, and to end the discrimination against women. While we are now leaps and bounds away from that time, we are still fighting for women to achieve equality in many ways. ⁠

This year’s theme is Each for Equal and it’s so important to use your voice to promote equality and it is our duty to use our platform to promote this as well. It is through all of our efforts that we generate change.⁠

But, the change is not going to be handed over, we need to take it. We need to gain control over our own lives, not to allow someone to dictate our being. Believe in yourself, make your own smart choices, be strong by yourself, create success for yourself, know you can! We can keep blaming our failures on the past, the environment, but ultimately, it is in our own hands. ⁠⁠

I would love to hear your thoughts and the ways that you are promoting change. As always, stay real. 💜⁠⁠

-Katerina (@katerinayoffelarden)⁠

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