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5 Reasons Why Your Skin Care Should Always be Packed in Airless Pump Bottles

5 Reasons Why Your Skin Care Should Always be Packed in Airless Pump Bottles - Hey Honey Beauty

Hey Honey! Did you know our products are packaged in airless pump bottles? This is why:



  1. We want to ensure our customers get the absolute most out of their Hey Honey Skin Care and therefore package our products with the best technology in the market!
  2. Airless pump bottles are great for products such as natural skin care, serums, and foundations because they prevent them from excessive exposure to the air. This then prolongs the shelf life of the product up to 15% longer.
  3. Airless pump bottles allow you to finish the entire bottle without wasting any of the product. When the pump is pushed a vacuum effect is created, drawing the product up and out, unlike the usual dip tube that leaves a lot of product at the bottom.
  4. This packaging prevents you from touching the inside of the container, which contaminates the product. Even the cleanest of hands have natural oil, and spatulas and brushes may not be completely bacteria free.
  5. In addition, the product doesn’t need to be sitting up right to dispense. This is perfect if you are traveling and the product has been stored on its side.

“Hey Honey, we hope you love reducing waste, saving money, and having fresh, easy to use, products just as much as we do!”

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