Stand Firm

Ageless Revitalizing Firming Cream

How to Use It

After cleansing skin, apply a half of a pump to hands and work lotion upward using gentle, sweeping motions to mimic “lifting” the skin. This will encourage the product to activate. For decolletage, apply another half pump and use the same motions starting on the chest and working up to the neck. Apply moisturizer immediately after application to lock in the tightening benefits.

Who’s It For?

Anyone in need of a little “pick me up”. Stand Firm works instantly as well as over time to tighten up lax skin. A unique blend of Nameko mushroom and bio-peptide Argireline simulate a Botox-like reaction and encourage collagen and elastin production. Although results can be seen and felt immediately, this product is best for prolonged use.

Tips & Tricks

Use as often as needed. This lotion is perfect for special occasions as it offers immediate tightening that lasts for hours. Layer a moisturizer over top to keep skin hydrated and supple.


Nameko Mushroom


Purple Gromwell



Products to use with it

Pair it with Don't Miss a Spot Fresh Honey Cleansing Foam to set the stage for a clean and even application so you get the best results possible. DON’T MISS A SPOT will clean and hydrate your skin with every use.

Pair it with 24Seven Honey Day & Night Moisturizing Cream to lock in the lifting and tightening ingredients so that you wake up refreshed, revived, and hydrated. Your skin will glow!

Pair it with Look Into My Eyes Retinol & Propolis Eye Mask- our beloved beautiful-aging eye treatment. Use this product in the evening on your eye area to counteract fine lines and wrinkles.

Pair it with Trick & Treat Concealer Active Propolis Cream Concealer to deliver a beautifully bright, hydrated, and even toned complexion. Skin will be smooth and radiant every day!



What is the tingling feeling I feel after applying?

Stand Firm uses special bio-peptides to visibly firm and tighten skin, so the tingling you feel is totally normal! Unless you experience redness or irritation, this sensation will subside and you’ll be left with firmer, lifted skin.

Is this a moisturizer?

No, this is a treatment. You will need to use a moisturizer after use to ensure that skin stays hydrated upon usage.