Propolis and Honey Soothing Moisturizer

How to Use It

After cleansing face, apply a pea size amount of lotion to the hands, and gently press in, careful to not irritate the skin.

Who’s It For?

Skin that experiences frequent redness and sensitivity. Use on oily and acne prone skin for an all day hydration without added shine. This calming lotion is perfect for all skin types, but specially formulated for anyone that notices skin irritation throughout the day.

Tips & Tricks

Use after shaving to keep irritation at bay.

Put in the refrigerator before spending a day in the sun to potentially treat a sunburn on the face.

Mix with 911 PRO GEL to treat extreme sensitivity anywhere on the face or body.


Bee Propolis



Products to use with it

Pair it with Don't Miss a Spot Fresh Honey Cleansing Foam for skin that experiences redness post washing as honey works over time to calm irritation. Using RELAX as your moisturizer step ensures skin is calm all day.

Pair it with Tone It Up Propolis & Echinacea Herbal Toner after cleansing to reset the pH balance of your skin and lay the foundation for RELAX’s calming and soothing abilities. Its added echinacea and honeysuckle extract blend is designed to restore and balance the skin while preparing the face for serum and moisturizer.

Pair it with Be Clear Skin Purifying Bee Propolis Drops to set the scene for treatment of stubborn breakouts and blemishes, absorbing deeply into the skin allowing for a clear complexion with continued use.



Is this moisturizer oil-free?

Yes! This oil-free moisturizer has a gel-like texture that customers find very soothing on sensitive skin.

Do I use this product in the morning or night?

You can use this product any time of day!