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Open Your Eyes

Lifting Eye Serum

How to Use It

Squeeze a small amount on the metal applicator, and use the tip to massage in circular motions around the eye contour. You may need to pat in the remaining serum with ring finger if any product remains.

Who’s It For?

All skin types can benefit from this lightweight serum. It is perfect for those who experience dryness under the eye.

Tips & Tricks

Use as a lightweight under eye primer before applying concealer.

Apply before using a facial mask to protect the delicate skin around the eye from irritation.




Green Tea

Products to use with it

Pair it with Look Into My Eyes Retinol & Propolis Eye Mask for a powerful night time treatment under the eyes to treat premature signs of aging while applying OPEN YOUR EYES to the eye contour for a 360 degree treatment.


Pair it with Trick & Treat Concealer Active propolis Cream Concealer to brighten the under eye area. OPEN YOUR EYES acts as a primer when used under makeup!


Pair it with Come Undone Face & Eye Daily Makeup Remover before applying OPEN YOUR EYES before bed. Always thoroughly cleanse the eye area before applying eye care..



Do I use my finger tips to apply this?

The metal applicator helps to encourage circulation while reducing puffiness around the eye area. Begin by using it to massage, and then use your fingertips to pat in excess serum.


Will I need an eye cream on top of this?

That is up to you! While this serum is deeply hydrating (with added Squalane and vitamin E) some may feel the need to add more hydration! This serum works well with any eye cream!